Why are we different?

The missing 99,9%, anywhere

People shoot over 3 billion images everyday. Only 1% of them are accessible in image stocks. We map live and give you access to unpublished mobile images, the missing 99%.
We are expert in reaching out for images from remote places. Africa, Asia, ...50% of pictures are produced outside of western countries: that is where are our users!

Images on-demand, easy

Change your staff, clients or any stakeholder into an image provider : create you own image stock in seconds to boost your online communication with genuine content
No workload added : everything is automatic. Our A.I mobile App look for matches with image searches and ask users to submit pictures only when they are relevant.

Engage using images

We are not a traditional image stock : we allow you a direct contact with people.
People shoot picture when they experience life: engage with people which images match your criterias to understand them better, improve your relationship, measure impact of your actions, follow-up projects. Image is just a start.

Secure and safe

We do not copy or publish images. App users choose among matching images the ones he wants to submit to an alert. Only these ones become visible and can be used.
Author, time and location of the image are guaranteed. User can stay anonymous. You can create your own private community.


european companies
already signed up


countries and 3 continents covered
in just one week


images already available from Spain, South Sudan, Kyrgyzstan, Belgium, Korea...

We do the hard work

Your company’s staff and clients already shot the images you need.
Find and retrieve them easily.


Users download and sign-in the free mobile App. Automatically, their mobile images are mapped and accessible on-demand, while staying invisible (we only use metadata to search for matches).


Monitor the photo activity of your community, send alerts to users shooting images where & when you need; define minimum size, intended use, rewards for the image you need.


Only users with matching images will receive your image request on their mobiles. In 30 seconds they can select their best images, and release copyright. We cut the noise: all your images are handpicked by people, not sorted through hashtags.


Image libraries are created automatically. Manage incoming images, select and download best ones and start using them. Edit your community users and register the location where you search frequently.

World Mobile Congress 2017

among Top3 winners
of TechCrunch pitch contest

French Tech Barcelona

in Top5 french startups of
Barcelona for La French Tech

FounderX member

among top Founder’s Institute
start-ups worldwide

Just a download away

Users download the App, and they are done. No extra efforts required!

At work, invisible

Users are involved only when they shot or can shoot an image needed. Search for matches is done automatically based on tags generated by our A.I App. So all your stakeholders have to do is download the App, and forget it ! No editing, post or hashtag needed.

Privacy guaranteed

You can search Draagu users worldwide or create your own closed community.
You manage sensitive issues: relax, images submitted are not visible, and only your community will see the best pictures you selected.

Draagu mobile app

Fast and quality oriented

Upon receiving an alert, users can submit you up to 3 pictures, drop you a comment, in only 30 seconds. Propose rewards to foster participation. On our side, we provide free photo tips online to lift photo quality.

Foster your community

A newsfeed of best images, rewards, and ongoing alerts are displayed in the mobile App to keep users posted about your vibrant community activity.
in the profile section, photography ranking of each user is displayed : contest and tips drive users to improve their photography skills and deliver best possible visual contents.

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