Why are we different?

The missing 99,9%

Less than 1% of the 3 billion images shot every day is accessible in image stocks. Draagu’s unpublished images are the perfect match for our clients’ communication needs.

Your own images

Retrieve on-demand images from your ecosystem (staff, clients and beneficiaries): generate more impact than generic stock images, with a direct reach and improved corporate involvement.

Feeling lazy? We like that!

Your community will need no effort to have their images on the market: no previous editing, uploading or tagging is required. Just download our App and done!

Ownership and user privacy guaranteed

We guarantee the author, time and location of the image provided. Your company’s images will stay in a private closed community.


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signed up to use draagu


early adopter community in
Barcelona in 1 month without ads


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with our first FB campaign

We do the hard work

Your company’s staff and clients already shot the images you need.
Find and retrieve them easily.


Users download the App. All the images they shoot with their mobile will be mapped automatically. We track metadata only; images stay in phones, and private ones remain invisible.


Monitor the photo activity of your community, send alerts to users shooting images where & when you need; define minimum size, intended use, rewards…


Selected users only receive an alert on their mobiles. The App display matching images only: no time wasted. We cut the noise: all images you received are handpicked by people, not sorted through hashtags.


Manage incoming images, select and download best ones and start using them. Edit your community and workplaces details. Launch contests. Mobile App users can follow images and alerts of the community, easing corporate involvement.

FounderX member

Selected and trained to meet
top Silicon Valley VCs in 2017


One of the top 5 startups
selected by la French Tech

TechCrunch Barcelona

One of the 9 startups
shortlisted to pitch in MWC

Just a download away

Your employees only need to download the App, no extra efforts required!

At work, invisible

No additional work for users: they are involved only when they shot or can shoot an image where & when you need it. They will know how their image will be used.

Privacy guaranteed

Forget # on social networks: your community is closed and your images go public when you decide to. User's picture stay in their phone, and become visible only when submitted to you.

Draagu mobile app

Fast and quality oriented

Upon receiving an alert, users can submit you up to 3 pictures, drop you a comment, in only 30 seconds. Propose rewards to foster participation. On our side, we provide free photo tips online to lift photo qualit.

Foster your community

A newsfeed of best images, rewards, and on-going alerts are available to keep your community posted about your vibrant company activity.

The team

Our team has unfair advantages and experience

Joan Bardeletti


Joan is a former top photojournalist working with main European medias and winning a World Press photo.

He draw on an engineering background as graduate of Ecole Centrale (FR) and Politecnico (IT), and worked 5 years in finance before becoming photographer.
Always looking for new ways to produce and distribute photography, he has launched several advocacy projects on Africa and cofounded two media companies.

On weekend, he can be found playing dolls and basketball with his daughter and son.

Gunther Pfeiffer

CMO (part time)

Gunther has an engineering background with a Master’s degree from ESADE Business School. He has a large marketing experience in various international companies.

He can speak English, French, Spanish and Catalan and can just learn to do anything in less than a day.

Liquid Studio

IT team

App development studio from Barcelona specialized in the design and development of mobile apps for Android and iOS.

They help small and big companies to turn ideas into experiences by improving their digital products.

Our advisors

Packed of experience and great advice

Fran Arechaga

A happy man, expert of marketplaces. Founder of Nubelo.com, #1 freelance marketplace in Spain and socialPay.

Enric Solé

Founder of SitMobile #1 Spanish platform for multi-channel marketing; Now VP America for Soprano design and Silicon Valley based.

Pascal Bourbon

CEO of A2BI Venture Capital; IESE, Harvard, Centrale alumni.

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