We democratize image stock

Sell any of your picture easy and safe.

Any of your picture can sell

Forget painful picture editing, # or upload to sell on traditional image stocks. More images you have, more chance to sell.

Everything is automatic

Just download and sign-in the app. Our App automatically look for matches with client searches and send you alerts.

Your private images, invisible

We don't copy or publish your images. We only use metadata. Only the pictures you submit to a client’s alert become visible.

Selling images, easy as 1, 2, 3, 4

Draagu mobile app


Download and sign-in the App. You do not have to shoot or post images in the App. Keep making images as always and we are helping to sell them.

Receive alerts

You receive an alert when your images match a client’s search. You know price offered for winning images, intended use and deadline.

Submit images

Enter the alert, check-out needed picture description. Choose among your matching images the best ones and submit them.

Get paid

Check out your notifications screen to know if you have won. When it is the case, we will contact you the following month to set-up your payment details.

Important to know

Keep your GPS activated

Clients make image search based on location. To sell, remember to keep your camera and smartphone GPS activated at all time.

Free App with no commission

Clients pay to use our search platform, you don’t. Mobile App is 100% free and we take no commission (0%) on your image sells.

Follow your community

A newsfeed present best and winning images. In your profile section, check-out how your photographer skills rank among your community.

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